The Expedition

Lenin Peak (7134m) in the Zaalayski Range of the Parmir was first climbed by Austrian mountaineers in 1928. This summer, 75 years later, the UIAA Youth Commission organizes an international expedition for young climbers with ambition. Under supervision of experienced expedition climbers we will get acquainted with climbing at extreme altitude and being part of an expedition.

For us this is the perfect opportunity to try expedition climbing. Local transport, food, stay, visa etc is all taken care of. We can focus on climbing our first 7000+ mountain! No matter how high we manage to climb, every day will be great for gaining experience and knowledge! Are we physical capable of climbing at extreme altitude?

Together with more than twenty other climbers from all over the world we will start our adventure at the foot of the mountain, at basecamp at an altitude of 38oom. During the next three weeks we’ll acclimatize while climbing up and down Lenin Peak, and prepare for our summit attempt.

Because of the international character of this expedition, development and strenghtening of contacts between young mountaineers from different countries has a high priority. Development and safety of mountaineering are important.



3 thoughts on “The Expedition

  1. Hi guys!

    This is Matt Powell from Richmond, Virginia, USA and I will be climbing Peak Lenin this summer too. I will be arriving at Base Camp on August 3 and staying through August 23. I hope I can meet you while we’re both on Peak Lenin.

    I’d be glad to support you with some money; let me know the best way to coordinate this.

    See you soon!


    • Hi Matt,

      Great to hear from a fellow climber! We’ll meet at Base Camp! Great to hear you’d like to support us too. If you want, you can send us a donation via our international bank account number (IBAN): NL10INGB0685431134 Our bank code is INGBNL2A (we haven’t set up a paypal, because it’s not very common in Europe). Again, thanks, good luck with your preparations, and see you there then!

  2. Dannngg there goes my record of 5897m, though I always knew that if any of our old highschool friends would break it, it would be you.

    Good luck and remember: The goal is not to reach the top, but to get safely back home.

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