5300m today: 6100m tomorrow

At 5am I left (with 8 others) Advance Base Camp to go to Camp 1. Hopefully the 4 other members of the group will follow one day after us. We arrived there at 11 and are now at 5300m. The hard wind is common but today was something else. Some empty tents were blown away down the slope and one actually came back up! Despite the hard wind it was really hot today, blue sky and a lot of sun. Tomorrow we are off to Camp 2 at 6100m.


One thought on “5300m today: 6100m tomorrow

  1. Mark, Bernadette, Gerard, Philip, Georg, Ansgar, Sergey, Okke and Thijmen are in Camp 1. Pau, Marina, Max and Wolfgang are still in Advance Base Camp and will most likely come up one day after the rest.

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