Almost there, ready for the summit push!

Breath in, step, breath out. Breath in, step, breath out.

Climbing to 6100m is quite a struggle! But I am here, camp two! Besides the lack of oxygen it’s also extremely windy. The dry powder snow gets everywhere and you need to be sure to cover every bit of skin! Tomorrow we start at four, the moment I have waited for for months! Will I be capable? How will my body react? Do I have the endurance? Let’s find out if Lenin Peak allows me on his summit!

7 thoughts on “Almost there, ready for the summit push!

  1. With Rim, Max and Wolfgang in Advance Base Camp and Hose and Marina in camp one, the rest of the team is in camp 2, ready for their summit push!!

  2. Wat een prestatie dat jullie onder deze omstandigheden al zover zijn gekomen. Wij hopen zo dat jullie morgen goede weersomstandigheden hebben zodat jullie de top kunnen halen.
    Heel veel succes, pas goed op elkaar! We kijken uit naar je bericht.
    Bert en Antje

  3. Last night we received a phone call from Thijmen, we were so pleased to hear from him after being in suspense all day! unfortunately the conditions forced the group to turn around as it was just far to dangerous to continue on after 6300 m the winds became far to strong and they decided to call it off.
    For the next few days the weather forecast is not looking good for the group in a hope to get another chance at reaching the summit of the Lenin peak. Wednesday the weather will improve but that is when they will be on their return journey back home.
    Too bad, but despite the fact they have not reached the top of the Lenin peak, it has been a very special experience and one to cherish for the rest of their lives.
    Bert en Antje

  4. Oh, wat jammer dat ze de top niet konden bereiken. Maar gelukkig zijn 6300 meter ook al een behoorlijke prestatie!
    Dank jullie wel voor het update.

  5. Dear Antje Piek,

    We´re family and friends with Marina and José, a couple of climbers involved in Lenin Peak expedition. Do you have any news about them or somebody of the expedition group? I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance

  6. Hi Francisco,
    Rim send me some messages today and he said that they were already back in Osh. I am not totally sure, but I assume that they went with the whole group.

  7. Morning Antje,

    We have had good news about our friends yesterday afternoon. They were at Camp III

    Thank you very much.


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