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This august we are going to a place we have never gone before. A place that might span our dreams and nightmares. We will be climbing Lenin Peak, a 7134 meter mountain in the Pamir ranges in Kyrgyzstan. But before we get there, we need your help. We need some money…

So, will you help us discover how good our red bloodcells are adapted to the fresh mountain air? In return we will give you our eternal gratitude, and maybe a bit more.

Every donor will be mentioned on the website (if you want)..
For donations of 15 euro’s or more, we will let you choose one of 10 awesome pictures that we will take, of our incredible trip, to hang on your wall (30×45 cm print).
For 50 euro’s or more, we will give you a 40×60 cm HQ print OR a small gift handpicked from the incredible country of Kyrgyzstan.

Mail to to donate!

Donations to 685431134 T J Piek and/or R W G Lucassen GRONINGEN

Add your e-mail to the payment details and we’ll keep you posted

Follow us on our website ( and on Facebook ( for the latest developments, and to find your name on the list of donations!

One thought on “Support Us!

  1. Hello Thijmen and Rim,
    today Thijmen and friday Rim are flying to Kyrgyzstan to embark this Saterday on a great adventure…. climbing the Lenin Peak! I wish you both all of the best and we will follow your expedition with lots of enthusiasm on your website.
    ‘What’s really worth it, is really worth!’
    Antje Piek
    InterZijn training en advies

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